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Should I Hire A Qualified Applicant With Questionable Ethics?

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As a hiring manager for a large private corporation you play an extremely large role for the shape of the company. The people who work for your company are the people who will eventually carry out all the decisions, practices, and ethics that will shape your companies image. It is a tremendously important aspect of business life and all managers know this. Careful examination of resumes, past work experience, and personality are meticulously examined in order to choose the right worker for the job. In the case of Boeing versus Lockheed Martin Corp the decision to use the right ethics for the hiring of Kenneth Branch was a sensitive issue.According to the textbook as the hiring manager it is my job whether or not to hire Kenneth Branch. Kenneth Branch who is a well known space engineer from Lockheed Martin Corp definitely meets the qualifications for the job with his numerous years of experience in the field of space engineering. Based on his experience and actually ability to work for the job he appears to be a great asset for the company. At this desperate and competitive time for the federal contract, Boeing really would outshine its competition if it could gain a valuable asset such as Kenneth Branch. However the problem arises right in the beginning when Boeing Corp first gets the chance to meet him. Mr. Branch pulls our classified documents from Lockheed's rocket project and shows them to the interviewers during Mr. Branch's interview. As a hiring manager it would be best at this point to cease the hiring of Kenneth Branch because of this illegitimate action he does. There is no information available on the other candidates for Kenneth Branch's job, but it isn't very relevant anyhow. Even if Kenneth Branch was the most qualified candidate for the job it doesn't outweigh the fact that he already put the company in a complicated situation. Having witnessed the documents that Kenneth showed to the interviewers makes them all possible accomplices to any crimes related to unfair play. If they proceed in hiring them and something turns up down the line, it only takes one person to squeal what happened that day of the interview. The best ethical option for the interviewers when being presented with that information from Kenneth Branch is to ask him to destroy those documents if he wants to be considered for the position at Boeing.When hiring a person for a classified position you always run the risk of being betrayed in the future. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling before hand if the person you are going to hire is going to be a valuable asset for the company or a regretful liability. This is why you base your opinions on logic and your findings. In Kenneth Branch's case it is already evident that he is already willing to betray Lockheed Corp in order to gain trust with his possible future employer. This isn't a good characteristic in a person and shows bad character. If he is already willing to betray his current employer what is to stop...

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