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Should Ideo Accept The Visor Project?

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Should IDEO accept the Visor project?

IDEO should not accept the Visor project, exepet if the other company change the deadline is one of largest and most efficient firm for product designing worldwide. The major customers of IDEO include 3Com for which IDEO develops Palm V-held computer. As the Palm V is getting the huge market success this has initiated a competition in the industry of hand-held computers. The major competitors of this industry are HandSpring and 3Com. Both are approach to IDEO for design the new competitive VISOR product. HandSpring management has now demanded IDEO to design and manufacture the prototype of VISOR in less than half the time it took to design the Palm V. Now IDEO is in a scenario that it has to make a decision that whether it should develop the product or not. Or IDEO should propose HandSpring to increase the development period as otherwise in such period of time they have to compromise their innovation and design in order to meet the deadline.
The main reason for HandSpring to develop the product in short period of time is highly competitive market of hand-held computing. Companies like HandSpring and 3Com are rushing to catch the potential buyers of the market to gain brand recognition and brand loyalty. Because of this competition the HandSpring is compelling IDEO to speed up their process of innovation to meet market demand.
Now IDEO has to re-think how they have to modify their innovation process to develop the VISOR product. Now they have to plan how their project leads and other stakeholders will manage the creativity and innovation particularly for the completion of this project.

Should IDEO accept the Visor project as is (on a dramatically reduced schedule, (one page)
If IDEO accepts the VISOR project within the given reduced schedule it has to make huge sacrifices. These sacrifices will make differences in the product therefore will be critical for the success of the product. As the most important factor that is to be sacrificed is innovation. The product will no great style, its plastic cover will be cheap and will run on standard batteries. The IDEO has to compromise its innovation and originality in design that is the trademark of IDEO. This will also include sacrificing on the basic principles and values of IDEO. The innovation is not only essential for IDEO but also for the product development. This market competitiveness should not force IDEO to develop a product which is not the standard of IDEO. Penttila (2007) explained in his article that most of the companies are not able to afford the innovative process therefore they focus on other means of achieving creativity. But this is not the case with IDEO. They completely focus on their process of innovation.
IDEO team will be limited on gathering and using the ideas for the development of VISOR prototype. This has limited the IDEO staff capabilities and also will limit the variant features of the product. Handspring has required...

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