Should Immigrants Be Allowed In This Country?

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Immigrates should not be in this country? Well why not? Immigrants work hard, pay taxes, and make a positive impact on the economic sector of the American society. So why put immigrants back in there country. Some people say that immigrant’s cause trouble and have made crime rates go up over the past few years. But there is really nothing to prove that. Immigrants should be allowed in this country because to start off the land we call The United States of America was once belonged to the immigrants, and they basically built this country we call Unites States of America.
Without immigrants just imagine the United States today. Who would do most of the farm labor in this country? Who would have found major companies such as Google, AT&T, or even the dish soap Dawn? There are major companies that people don’t even know about that were founded by immigrants. So why say immigrants cannot be allowed in the United States. Why can’t immigrants live a life in the United States? Everybody, every immigrant that comes to this country they come for a reason, they are seeking the "American Dream" as many of you may have heard. Immigrants come to the United States because they seek better pay and a better

future for themselves and their families. All that they are trying to do is survive, just like anyone else in the world.
Immigrant children are brought here to further their education, and they appreciate it more than some American children. When immigrant children come to this country they have a better chance to learn more and so they have a better future for themselves and their children and their grandchildren. Through the years immigrants have came to the Unites States for that reason, and that reason is having a better future. Many immigrants you see now are working as farm labor earning more money that what the use to in their country hoping that one day their children will hopefully be better off than their parents.
For myself, I see no difference in being illegal in this country to me everyone in the United States is an immigrant, Illegal or legal, they have built everything from the Twin Towers in New York City , to the orchards of California, and they've been building this country since 1620,and all of a sudden people want the immigrants out of this county. I understand a need to make sure things don't get too out of hand, illegal immigrants do the jobs we do not or cannot do, the benefit our culture and we benefit there’s, and are usually a good return on the investment the government puts in. To me if you are not Native American or come from the sailors on the very first ships to America you are an immigrant. People have always denied the fact of new immigrants coming to this country, and just as they contributed to our country and we help them in return, these immigrants will soon contribute and build their own America and believe in that “American dream”. As long as they are not a problem in our country the Unites States is willing to help...

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