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Should Individual Citizens In Canada Be Able To Own Guns?

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Should Individual Citizens in Canada Own Guns?

Recently, there has been an issue in Canada on whether individual citizens can have their own handguns or not. Some believe that gun control is absolutely necessary to prevent people from becoming victims of gun crimes, while others maintain the exact opposite view. I agree with the latter, but I also think it is appropriate for the government to regulate the gun-dealing business. First of all, disarming the ordinary people punished the law-abiding citizens, secondly, no clear evidence links gun availability with gun violence, and lastly, with laws to rule the gun-dealing industry, it will not be a concern that people will be shot by a legal gun buyer who is in the heat of passion to kill.

First of all, gun control punishes only innocent citizens, not the dangerous felons. Criminals wanting to purchase a gun can easily obtain a pistol illegally from the black market, so gun control is practically useless to the unsafe villains who threaten public safety. Statistics show that in the U.S, 645,000 times in each year, innocent people have used their own handguns to defend themselves against criminals. However, in Canada, a country that prohibits individual citizens from possessing guns, innocent people are defenseless against heartless murderers. On May 5, 2009, an innocent man who tried to flee a New Year’s Day gang shooting in a restaurant in Calgary, Canada was shot and beaten by his attackers before he died. If this ordinary man has a gun, then the chances of him surviving might increase as he can use his own gun to defend himself against these gangsters.

Secondly, there is no obvious link between the availability of legal guns with gun violence. In the U.S., 99% of those legally owning guns never committed crimes with their firearms. Also, in U.S, even as the ratio of handguns legally purchased to total population has remained constant over the last century, gun-related violence has continued...

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