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Should Ivf Be Used Fior Non Medical Reasons?

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Argumentative- IVF Essay.In Vitro Fertilisation was first developed in the 1970's. Since then thousands of "test tube babies" have been born in the United Kingdom. One in six couples is affected by infertility: 30% of cases are due to female problems, 30% due to male problems, 30% due to both female and male and 10% of cases are unknown. There are many causes as to why couples cannot conceive, for example, the woman failing to ovulate, the egg failing to implant, blockage of the woman's oviduct, low sperm count or poor sperm motility in men. Whilst there are many treatments for infertility IVF is undoubtedly the most popular treatment available. IVF, once used for infertile couples, now allows couples to choose the gender of their baby, and even women over fifty have a chance of conceiving a healthy baby. There have been cases where women have used their dead husbands frozen sperm to conceive a baby. However, many people think this use of IVF is unethical and oppose it being used, as given the high failure rates associated with IVF and the many problems that can occur for both mother and baby. Therefore many people question should we be able to use IVF for these reasons?In Vitro Fertilisation involves eggs being extracted from the ovary and then mixed with the sperm in a glass dish (referred to as a test tube, hence the term "test tube baby"). The eggs are then incubated and, when ready, two or three embryos are inserted into the female. However only 15% of all IVF treatments are successful, and many people argue that it should not be use due to the high failure rates. It also increases the chances of miscarriage, eptopic pregnancies, premature birth and death, and multiple pregnancies and many people don't think it should be used as it causes harm to both mother and baby. IVF can also cause the mother to suffer from ovarian cancer. The author Liz Tiberis, believes her nine attempts at IVF caused her ovarian cancer. There is also other drawbacks to IVF, Angela Richardson, who underwent IFV said the drugs taken to help fertility "give side effects including depression, hot flushes and dizziness." Many people oppose IVF for these reasons and do not think it should be used if it is going to harm the female involved. Many women decide not to get IVF treatment arguing that it is just to dangerous and feel it is simply not worth it.There are many risks to IVF, which lead to devastating effects. Couples invest thousands of pounds into IVF and if there are problems then they feel it is a waste of time and money. Couples argue that they should be more informed about the risks, which include, a 30% chance of miscarrying, an 11% chance of a resulting eptopic pregnancy, a 30% chance of premature delivery and a 2.7% of premature death caused by abnormalities. Multiple pregnancies are also more common as two or three embryos are inserted into the woman, and this increases the risk of problems, many couples argue that if they had known that these problems could...

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