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Should Japan Apologize For Its Actions In World War Ii?

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Japan at Odds with the WorldWorld War II is one of the most well known wars in all of history. Throughout most of the world, unimaginable horrors and atrocities occurred during this time. Japan was one of the main culprits for millions of people being brutally murdered and others being physically and mentally affected. They committed many unnecessary war crimes; so much so that it is hard to put into words how much damage they have done to innocent people. Without a doubt, Japan should apologize and pay compensation to the citizens of its former colonies in World War II because of their actions such as their invasion of Hong Kong, the Bataan Death March in the Philippines, and the several mass executions of civilians in other parts of the world."The Sino-Japanese War was largely an unbroken string of Chinese defeats", and World War II in China was no different (Phillips). When "Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong", they took part in a horrendous attack against innocent civilians (Roosevelt). Ten thousand women were raped in the first few days. Tens of thousands of Chinese, British, Canadians, and others living in Hong Kong at the time, including women and children, were killed. There were many more that starved to death. In addition, many parts of the city were ransacked and burned to the ground. Several residents left, were deported, or escaped to even more famine- and disease-ridden areas of mainland China. Not only did this affect the morale of the people, it also affected Hong Kong's stability and economy. The city was no longer itself. The population was drastically cut from 1.9 million citizens to 600,000 at the end of the three years and eight months that this invasion had lasted. People did not have jobs, nobody bought anything, and everyone grieved. A specific example of Japanese cruelty was an attack on a hospital for injured British soldiers. A few hospital staff members and 170 soldiers were slaughtered right there in the hospital. Many people had their eyes, ears, noses, tongues, or limbs cut off for no reason. There were "nurses [that] were raped, sometimes while lying on top of the bodies of murdered British soldiers" ("Massacre and Atrocities in Hong Kong During WWII"). These actions violated the 1864 Geneva Red Cross Agreement pertaining to the handling of prisoners-of-war ("Massacre and Atrocities in Hong Kong During WWII"). Japan did this without any justification. They captured a city just to destroy everything it. Japan's actions were not reserved for China only; there were other countries in Asia that received similar treatment.Another country that suffered severely because of the Japanese was the Philippines. Within a month of the start of the invasion of the country, the Japanese had captured Manila, its capital. In April of 1942, the surrendered Filipinos and Americans were rounded up and forced to march approximately 65 miles from Mariveles to San Fernando. Men were split into groups of 100, and each group took about five...

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