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Should Kids Have Cell Phones Essay

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Jenelle Ritter
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Final Essay – Should kids have cell phones?
Argumentation and Persuasion Essay

Should kids have cell phones? (Persuasion)
In today’s society many kids are walking around with cell phones. Seventy seven percent of kids ages twelve to seventeen have a cell phone. The main reasons why kids have cell phones are: safety, convenience, affordable, responsibility, and bonding through texting.
First, safety is the biggest issue for parents. A kid having a cell phone can call home or emergency services when trouble arises. It also gives the parent the ability to locate their whereabouts with GPS features. Also, if kids are lost, hurt, scared, or witnessing an incident, the phone is there for them. Life is getting more difficult and it is essential for a kid to carry a cell phone with them at all times for their safety and the parent’s peace of mind.
The second is convenience of having a cell phone. Giving kids mobile phones not only offers them a more convenient way to call home than finding a pay phone, but also helps you keep in constant contact with your kids. Cell phones can also help if your kid makes a change of plans with a sports activity, friends, or a sleepover. It helps kids in contacting other friends regarding homework questions and projects due. Furthermore, it helps parents out in the event of changes being made.
The third is the affordability of a cell phone. There are tons of cell phones today on the market that you can get at low cost or no cost. Prepaid phone plans and the ability to add a line to your parents account are very inexpensive.
The fourth is cell phones teach your child responsibility. It teaches a child to watch their minutes, texting restrictions, application management, and to keep track of their phone.
In conclusion, kids should have cell phones to ensure that they know what’s expected from them, because a good parent-child relationship starts with good communication. It not only makes the kids feel safer, but it also puts the parents at ease in many ways.

Over the years, we see more kids having cell...

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