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Should Killer Whales Be Kept In Captivity?

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Do you think killer whales should be kept in captivity?killer whales should not be kept in captivity because they have small tanks and a little bit of space to swim. The killer whales need to be out in the wild where they can enjoy freedom. It would not be nice for killer whales to be somewhere they don’t want to be. Three main things about why killer whales should not be kept in captivity are killer whales are desperate, dangerous, not happy.

Killer whales are important because if we did not have them we would have many fish, seals, sharks, and many other sea animals. The killer whales have many food to attack in the ocean and ...view middle of the document...

If we keep on doing this something will eventually happen to us or the killer whales. Many kids, teenagers, adults, and elders agree that they should not keep killer whales in captivity. It might be nice and all to look at killer whales do shows but you just watch and do not ask yourself Why are they there? Are they hurt? Should they be kept in captivity?

These killer whales need to be freed in their home because if they are not all of the killer whales will be soon be changing their behavior and attitude. All of this should stop because its just going to ruin the killer whales lives and their animal cycle. Everything they’re doing is bad, wrong, and disrespectful because all you’re doing is killing them and making their lives miserable. Killer whales are endangered and if they keep bringing them in the united states all you are going to do is just kill them. People agree with this and are trying to stop this nonsense. Killer whales might think the same. They might ask themselves Why am I here in the first place? What did I do wrong? Are they going to harm me? These questions get to them and they scare them as well. Trainers, Teachers,Students think it is completely fine to keep killer whales in captivity, but it’s not. Just thinking about it might give you the chill but it might not. Thinking about all of this is a scary situation and can drive you nuts. It can drive many people nuts even me, in fact it is also horrible and can lead you to do something you don’t want to do. It is scary at times when you read an article about an animal and then you just get mad and burst into tears because of what is happening. This is true...

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