Should Laptops Be Provided To Students In Schools Instead Of Textbooks?

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The keys issues involved in the pros and cons of replacement of textbooks with individual students’ laptops are the element of cost, convenience in moving and use. The long term use of screen of laptop and most importantly the learning quality after this major replacement in the mode. The benefit of laptop for the students is that it is easy of carrying along with them the wholesome of books. This brings the concept of E-libraries and thus the institutions would not need to manage the libraries and students also can use E-libraries while using laptop. The back of the material being studied and archived is also possible in external hard drive(s) just in case if it is to be saved in the long run. This takes little effort and space. The reference books can be carried along all the time instead of taking it along all the time. The wholesome library of the reference and base books can be accompanied all the time without any hurdle and worry of weight.
The updated, verified and quality information can be accessed and new electronic material on any topic can be accessed fastly. The time efficiency is a considerable benefit of using laptops. The books (if ordered) require delivery time but through e-books this time and cost can be saved. The cost element is also very effective as compared to ordinary/traditional one. There is “e” version of books available on internet and it is normally for free whereas physical books almost always cost something (Dunleavy, Dexter & Heinecke, 2007)
The replacement of textbooks with laptops is a source of enhancing the literacy level related to computer amongst the students. Because of frequent use and access to these sources, students become fluent in usage of computers and it helps them in the job market competition. Managing the electronic and smart devices ads to the intellectual maturity and responsibility amongst the student, which normally lacks. The multidimensional usability of laptops makes the student dynamic and technology oriented. The electronically stored data including books and other sources is easily...

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