Should Lausd Issue I Pads To Students?

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Education is the one of the most important gifts a child can receive. Since day one, children use the gift of education in order to get a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. As the child grows up, he is sent to school in order to expand his knowledge through the education he receives. The education that the child receives in school will affect them for the rest of their life. Often though, the education a child receives seems to be the adequate one, but in the last couple of years, parents and students began to stand up against to what it seems to be inappropriate education. Inappropriate education can be reflected in poor test scores, poor grades, low graduation rates, and low acceptances to universities, just to name a few. A great majority of schools and school districts have been doing a great job in providing their students with outstanding education; other educational institutions have not been providing a good education to our children. One of the most prevalent examples of this is the Los Angeles Unified School District. The Los Angeles Unified School District “is the second largest public school district in the United States” and for the past few years it has been suffering from severe budget cuts (Blume). The budget cuts have led to the lay off of teachers and staff, elimination of programs, and or furlough days. Although these misfortunes have raised concern, nothing has raised as much criticism as the district’s new proposal of spending about a billion dollars in order to issue an iPad to each student of the district, which is something that should not be approved in the middle of financial difficulties.
The decision of LAUSD issuing iPads to its students was approved on June 15, 2013. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, LAUSD’s board approved a $30 million contract to buy iPads for 30,000 students, which would be the first phase in an ambitious plan to equip every student with a tablet computer in the next 14 months. The notion of issuing iPads to the students of LAUSD was driven by the Superintendent John Deasy. According to Devin Leonard, journalist for the “Bloomberg Business Week,” Deasy claimed that;
Getting tablets into classrooms is a civil rights matter. Many students in the district come from families that can’t afford any educational device, let alone Apple’s. It would be tragic if they were deprived of the iPad’s benefits simply because they’re poor. (Leonard)
Such claims make Deasy seem like a promoter of civil rights, but as for now LAUSD is not having issues with civil rights. The problem lies on how the education of its students will improve, and providing iPads is not the solution.
In an interview done by Steve Lopez, journalist for the Los Angeles Times, Deasy also supported the issuing of iPads because “Students will be required to take standardized tests on computers by 2014-2015, and he wants his graduates to be trained and be ready for life and careers in a...

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