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Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Australia?

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An issue that has been brought up in recent times throughout Australia is if marijuana should be legalised for the medicinal benefit of many sick Australians around the country. Medicinal Marijuana has been used in ancient China ever since 2700 B.C and the use has continued for the same purpose as many thousand years have passed. Marijuana could be accessed by anyone in Australia and be used in any area at any given time; it wasn't until 1914 that drug use was defined as a crime, under the Harrison Act. Now, in the 21st century, Marijuana is illegal to be taken in the Australian public although some states allow for small amounts of marijuana to be grown or owned on private properties. All ...view middle of the document...

Another medical advantage that marijuana use provides is the benefit of people with Neurological conditions. Neurological conditions are conditions in the body that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. An example of a patient using marijuana to treat their condition is Rick Simpson . Rick Simpson is known for inventing hemp-oil medicine and after curing himself and hundreds of others with his cannabis oil Rick was considered a hero in the medical marijuana world with a huge following of believers . Marijuana legalised would overall be a lot cheaper and a more efficient source of medicine.
The legalisation of marijuana could also boost the economy throughout Australia. If legalised it would allow for the government to have more expenditure by not having to enforce prohibition. Overall it would increase the government’s spending money for not only federal but all state and local governments in Australia. Legalising marijuana would open new job opportunities for all Australians that are unemployed, marijuana crops would need to be grown in order for the continuation of marijuana use thus providing job opportunities. Marijuana crop growing is a high valued business at $14 billion dollars in California and if Australia invested in medicinal marijuana it would drastically boost the economy. Tax payers would also save money by not having to pay the government for the prohibition of marijuana; this in turn means that everyone in Australia has more money to spend on goods. The government would also save money on prison costs of inmates based on marijuana related charges. The legalisation...

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