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Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Canada?

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What is Marijuana? According to, “What is Marijuana?” (2005), it explains marijuana is the commonest drug in the world, which is often called weed and pot. Also, people will get excitement when they smoke marijuana, but it is a dangerous drug because there has a chemical in marijuana called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that can change people’s feeling and see something in different ways. Many think that marijuana should be legalized; however, should marijuana become legitimate in Canada? This topic has been argued for a long time because marijuana is an illegal drug, and smoking marijuana will bother other people who are not smoking it. Therefore, marijuana should not be legalized because it can cause a few negative effects such as problems on health, social and society.
First of all, some people feel smoking marijuana can get hyper, which providing them the emotion of happiness, and helping them to see the world from a different perspective. However, marijuana will cause a lot of healthy problems to human’s body. Marijuana has many physical effects on human such as rapid heart rate, red eyes and dry mouth. Because the chemical THC will enter into the body when people are smoking it, THC will enter through the bloodstream to the brain. The chemical affects them to feel ecstasy and unreality; therefore, THC will make them feel more confused if people smoke marijuana for a long time. According to, “ Treat marijuana abuse like a health problem” (McMillan, 2007, July 17), it shows using marijuana can cause more serious health issues on human’s body such as bronchitis, emphysema, and cancer. In addition, using marijuana has also been linked to lung damage and affects the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. For example, if marijuana is legalized that means more people can buy and smoke it on a street. It will probably increase the risk of getting cancer or bronchitis to people, as well as increasing the death rate of cancer than before. In fact, using marijuana also will cause mental effects on people. According to, “ B.C. marijuana: uses, effects and the law”, smoking marijuana will create some THC, and it can influence people’s short-term memory, logical thinking, and hallucination. Also, it will affect people’s emotions and mental abilities (Rojas Andrea S, 2011). If people smoke pot for a long time, it can impair their cognition and memory, and it makes them unfocused on their work. Moreover, marijuana is an addictive drug, and it can lead people to addiction. People have difficulty in controlling their drug use when they addict on the marijuana and cannot stop; even though other people interfere with many aspects of their lives. When they lost control, they will increase using a lot of marijuana each time because they believe it will clam them down and make them feel better. Also, people will spend more time and money acquiring more marijuana.
Secondly, although many think marijuana is good for social with other people or family, marijuana is...

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