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Should Marijuana Be Made Legal? Essay

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Should Marijuana Be Made Legal?

In 1620, the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock bringing with them thousands of gallons of beer and other types of liquor. This was believed to be enough for them to sell or trade with the natives in return for products like a body soother. The Native Americans introduced the Pilgrims to tobacco and other forms of drugs such as Marijuana. By the 1900's, the country noticed marijuana, a psychoactive drug, was dangerous and needed to be controlled. Later, between the 1960's and 1970's, the United States found itself in another period of drug intolerance. From then on the government started to crack down and began to embrace drug enforcement. The government spends an average of 2.3 billion dollars each year on drug enforcement. Also each year over 400,000 people die in the United States through drug crime and over doses. So many people talk about Marijuana like it is not even a drug. In my opinion, I think that more people smoke "weed" then smoke cigarettes. The government says that it is a "gateway drug ", but most of the people that I know that do it have never tried another drug other then marijuana. Throughout this report I will give you different views from different people on the legalization of Marijuana. Throughout this report I will discuss the youths, governments, polices, doctors, and elders point of view on the subject, then conclude with my own personal opinion.
The youth's point of view, I interviewed ten people for this report and they mostly all had the same opinion on this subject. Nine out of the ten people I interviewed said that the government should legalize marijuana. Most of them had an attitude of "Why not legalize it? You can get it anywhere at any time. It is not like you have to go far to find it. Just ask a few people and sooner or later you will either find some or be pointed in the right direction to find some." They also made a good point that if it is legalized it might actually turn some people away from using it. If it were legal, there would be no more adventure or fun in breaking the law to try to get some, which some people like more than actually doing the drug. The one person that said the government should not legalize it also had a few good points. She said that if it were legalized, there would be a lot more cases of cancer each year. There will also be some people that if they do legalize it, they will use it excessively. Those people may use all their money to buy marijuana and become "burn-outs". She also said that the government would not legalize it because they tend to make more money off of it illegally. When the police make the drug busts most of the money goes to the government anyway.
The government's point of view, according to the recent Gallup Poll, almost one-half of Americans report that either they, someone in their family, or a close friend has used illegal drugs. Twenty-eight percent of the one half characterized the drug use as...

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