Should Marijuanas Be Legalized In Canada Essay Mohawk College Research

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Communication 11044
The Research Essay (25%)
Purpose: This task provides you with an opportunity to practice and demonstrate your research and essay writing skills in addition to critical reading and thinking skills.
Task: Write a five-paragraph, argument research essay on one of the topics below.
1. Should tuition fees for international students be the same as Canadian residents?
2. Should marijuana be legalized in Canada?
3. Should Canada get rid of Daylight Savings Time?
4. Should GMO foods be banned in Canada?
5. Should all college programs be offered on-line?
6. Should the penalties for drunk driving be increased?
7. Should Hamilton make public transportation free of charge?
8. Should postsecondary education in Canada be free of charge?
9. Should there be an added tax on sugary drinks to help improve the nation’s health?
10. Your own idea? (approved by me)
Paragraph 1 (Introduction): Craft a strong introduction that gets the reader’s attention, provides background/context for the reader, and presents your thesis statement with a persuasive claim and your three main points.
Paragraph 2, 3, and 4 (Body): Write one paragraph for each of three main points that are listed in your thesis statement. Make sure that each paragraph has a topic sentence that supports the thesis; in addition, make sure that you have plenty of details, and examples to support your claims. Also, use transitions to help the flow in and between your body paragraphs. Finally, include at least one in-text citation per body paragraph.
Paragraph 5 (Conclusion): Revisit your thesis statement. Craft a conclusion that leaves a final thought or idea that helps you transition into a summary statement of your topic.
Additional Writing Instructions:
· Begin each body paragraph with a clear topic sentence.
· Create paragraphs that are defined by specific and relevant content, logical organization and effective flow of ideas, clear sentences, and college-level vocabulary
· Take time to detect and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
· Use a consistent point of view (third person, not first or second person)
· Follow APA formatting for research papers. Avoid plagiarism by using your own words to explain your thoughts and ideas. Use proper citation for any borrowed ideas that you paraphrase. When you quote another source, make sure all quoted...

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