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Should Minimum Wage Be Significantly Increased In The United States?

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The minimum wage was set in a federal mandate back in the 1938, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to have a minimum hourly wage set across the United States. The bill is known as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). It was founded to boost the low-income families and provide some money to the full time workers. In its original form, the bill first covered about 38 percent of the workers in America such as covering the workers in the mining field and transportation industry. As we became more technologically advanced it starting covering the airplane industry by 1947 and construction sites by the early sixties. In America today, the FLSA has covered close to 85 percent of the American workforce (Wilson, September 2012). The FLSA requirement requires all employers to meet this mandate or the mandate set in forth by their own state which is allowed. Out of fifty states, forty-five have set their own minimum wage, and eighteen states are currently above the federal standard for the minimum wage (Wilson, September 2012). In many people opinion minimum wage increase helps the low wage workers in the short run, but when it comes too long term, everyone is affected by this and companies let workers go because they can’t afford to pay people. This is a long run problem that has been plaguing America since it has been created. There are many studies out there for both sides of this argument, but people can’t honestly tell other people that raising this hourly wage will help create more jobs. If history is any indication of what’s to come then we should not raise it.
People around the country all say that we need to increase the minimum wage. What they don’t realize is that doing so, there will be an impact on jobs, even though the government is saying it will have a minor impact. There is in no form or facts that can back up what the government is saying. When the government says they want to increase the hourly wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour they honestly believe that will solve the economies problem, by putting more money in the spender’s hand. What they also realize is they have no control over the business man making the goods they buy and sell pricier. The government knows this and yet by telling us lies and things we want to hear we believe them and vote into office people that don’t need to be there for our countries sake. Everyone wants equality on this stage and wants to make money for themselves and their business. People should learn nothing in this world is free and if it seems too easy to be true than more times than not it is.
Studies have shown that raising the minimum wage since the beginning have found that minimum wage hurts the poor and make the rich even more wealthy. When raising the minimum wage it tends to take away the low skilled and younger worker jobs for college and even high school students. Also, it keeps people on well-fare, and encourages people to drop out of high school. The findings in many articles all say...

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