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Should Moms Work Or Stay At Home?

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In present society if you ask a woman what her career is, and she is known as a stay-at-home mom, people have the tendency to look down on her. However, if she is a working mom, they might ask, "how does she manage it all?" This problem with many women makes it harder for them to choose between their children and work. One cannot be the best career woman and the best mother at the same time; a woman has to choose one over the other. There are some married women who are economically strong and their husbands work, these women must make a decision whether they should work or stay home. Family life would be better if mothers choose to stay at home.One of the toughest decisions of a woman's life comes with motherhood. The question is - stay at home or pursue a career? Both types of mothers deserve credit, but the question remains, "What is best for the children?" Many mothers have different reasons and feelings about working outside of home. Some mothers want the self-fulfillment of having a career; they assume their children will be more independent and more mature than children with full-time mothers. They work for their own psychological well-being, and deal with double duty by balancing work and family. Unlike stay at home moms, working mothers have high self worth as they are working equally as men, and their lives are not limited to just children and husband.Most importantly, the money earns by working mothers are advantageous to both their children and families, and they can afford sending their infants to day care centers or having a governess for them. Shannon Brownlee and Matthew Miller in an article states, many working parents commit that they both work because they need money (Brownlee and Miller 1), but, they should also concern on an old truth - children need love and attention that money can not buy.On the other hand, stay-at-home moms have different perspectives towards family relationship. One perspective is the relationship between the spouses and the other perspective is the relationship between the parents and the children. Early childhood is a very important stage in the raising of a child, and the mother's role at that stage is greater than that of anybody else. For a great purpose that God has determined, the only nourishment of the baby at this stage is by nursing from its mother. This does not only medically affected the health of the child, but also has psychological effects. Research proves that breastfed babies have a lower incidence of serious chronic illnesses, and it also provides some important health benefits on mothers (GBG 1). For these reasons, doctors always advise mothers to nurse their babies themselves, and if for some account a mother could not, she is advised to keep it close to her and take care of it all the time.Therefore, one can realize how serious a mistake a mother makes when she leaves her baby at this stage to a day care or to a governess who takes care of it. It is also very painful for a mother to...

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