Should Money Be Spent On Space Exploration?

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According to a survey done by Phillips & Company in 2013, 71 percent of Americans believe the prospect of putting humans on Mars will happen by the year 2033. What some are unaware of is the disappointing fact that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration does not have close to the funding required to help reach that goal. The question is whether or not Americans want money to be put into space exploration or if they do not believe it is worth it. Space exploration has brought many great discoveries and new technologies, helped us understand the universe and get closer to answering life’s biggest questions, and in the end the survival of humanity depends on it.
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Without NASA and space exploration, we would not have come close to understanding as much as we do about the very beginning of our solar system – what is now commonly known as “The Big Bang.” The earth does not even encompass 0.01% of space as a whole, by only focusing on it we are missing out on over 99.9% of our existence! Everyone has the curiosity to want to know what other planets are like not to mention other galaxies. Everyone has pondered whether there has been life on other planets at one point – and the only way to find the answers is through continuing space exploration.
Humanity depends on further advances in space exploration. Space is full of a myriad of objects, but the scariest to us at the moment would be asteroids. There is a constant threat that any one of those could hit us at any moment in the future, and at this point there is not much that can be done about it. Not to mention that the sun is expected to eventually expand into a red giant and destroy the Earth completely. Another question that arises is what would happen if the Earth became too overpopulated? The fact remains that there is only a limited amount of resources not only oil, gasoline, iron, but also things as simple as food and water. It is hard to imagine a world so filled that we could...

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