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Should Mothers Stay Home? Essay

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The stay at home mother is described as a women who chooses to stay home and take care of the children and uphold the household rather become a part of the labor force. I believe this lifestyle should be available to any woman who chooses it not just the select few, as it currently exists in America. This option benefits both mother and child in a very long term way aiding in the child’s development as well has easing the burden of high child care costs from the family.
Statistics drawn from 2010 shows that 25.5 million women (70.8%)in the work force had kids under the age of 18 while the remaining 29.2% women with kids remained home (Doak). Of those 25.5 million, 23.2 million were ...view middle of the document...

As is stands today the only developed nation in the world that doesn’t guarantee rights such as paid maternity leave to it mothers is the U.S. (Jenner).
An important factor to consider is how the mother at home influences the development of the child. From a long-term study initiated first in 1991 the National Institute of Child Health and development sought links between maternal employment, child care services and expenses, and the developmental outcome of the children. Presented by Dr. David Pelacovitz, the facts state that cognitive scores of the children whose mother was employed full time during the first year of their child’s life were lower than those kids whose mothers did stay at home. Furthermore, on DrLaura’s(need better source info) Blog we see her mention that “ kids need one-on-one care that responds to them individually “ at a day care center a child is not receiving this. DrLaura goes on to quote a website named Daycares don’t Care in comparing the stimulation received at one of these institutes to that of prison. This means that experiences the children could be having at home are being taken from them. These experiences could range from exposure to foods and people to basic imaginative play, and at some instructions even that is limit as staff is more concern about giving the bare minimum to every child. Children do not reach their greatest potential under these circumstances. New studies show that “nurturing a child early in life may help [them] develop a larger hippocampus, the brain region important for learning, memory and stress response (Castro).” Joseph Castro goes on write in the article that children who are nurtured do better in school and handle emotion better than a child who is not, even saying that nurtured kids have a 10% larger hippocampus. Staying home would help mothers give the child all the affection and love they would need to develop properly, in a way no child care system could provide.
The social skills taught by day care are something that can be taught at home as children learn behaviors and skills through the emulation of their parents (Laura par3). Children are perceptive of social interactions and don’t need daycares to cultivate social skills, a child social skill can be linked to their confidence not their exposure to others. This confidence can be derived to their sense of safety and comfort, and who do kids expect to provide this security? Mom. Children need to establish this parent-child bond in order to facilitate this positive development and if both child and parent spend most of their time apart it becomes difficult to form this bond (Laura par1). These early interactions are vital as “[studies] found a connection between early social experience and the volume of the amygdala which helps regulates the processing and memory of emotional reactions (Castro).” A stay at home mom would be able to give her children the interaction in a safe way. Potentially using a large network of local moms...

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