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Should Nations Restrict Immigration? Essay

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Should Nations Restrict Immigration?
In this short essay I will address the issue of whether or not nations should restrict immigration. It is important to note that my perspective is derived from years of living in an American society. When I speak of immigrants in many cases I’ll be referring to illegal immigrants, as they are the ones to whom the restrictive laws are made in as a preventative means. Additionally, they are the ones people fear and refer to primarily when discussing immigration.
Laws dictate to what degree immigration is legal. For our purposes, let’s assume the following assertion: All laws are based on the fundamental desire to maintain ethical civility within ...view middle of the document...

Numerous academic sources have asserted that in actuality, (according for instance, to David Card, Department of Economics at
UC Berkeley) illegal immigrants have created more nonimmigrant jobs, rather than diminishing job availability. Thus the growing academic conclusion is that jobs in America are not jeopardized by immigrants.
I observe hatred of illegal immigrants, as a fear of a differently cultured individual entering into one’s comfort zone--a scary prospect for some. Perhaps seeing outcasted, new members of society frightens us for deep psychological reasons, bringing to light personal vulnerabilities we feel of our own security and feeling of fitting in. An internal, turmoil and rage projected upon a group of outcased, alienated individuals.
Nations restrict many things, and since immigration laws which left thing unrestricted would result in overcrowding and chaos, a better question is, how much should immigration be restricted and how can we address the issue of immigration. As we’ve established, the to immigrate comes from the desire to better oneself and possibly ones family. This is not an alien desire to us non-immigrants, it is central to the human condition and is responsible for the growth of every society and...

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