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Should Parents Assume Equal Responsibilities When Raising A Child?

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For thousands of years until today, the best way to officially be the partner of someone is through marriage. People have practiced marriage for thousands of years. Many cultures see marriage as the best method to celebrate the love of a couple until death tears them apart. “Marriage establishes and maintains family, creates and sustains the ties of kinship, and is the basis of community” (Rowe 2). Marriage is a concept bigger than ones happiness and it is the basic for creating a peaceful home for the family. According to Rowe, “This sense of home requires the dynamic participation of both women and men--the women to mother and the men to father--to fulfill the daily roles of teaching, nurturing and protecting children” ( 2). Parents have an obligation to take care for children, so that when they grow up they are able to become a person who is strong enough to support himself. But there are different opinions whether raising a child should be shared equally between parents. One group thinks that it is essential for a child to grow up with the love and care of both parents. Meanwhile, others believe that child raising should be shared in a way that suits the family. While single parents argue that even without one parent they can give their children the needed love and care.
The first point of view about whether parents should assume equal responsibilities when raising a child is that a child should be raised with all the care and love from both parents. Women and men should share their responsibilities because it is important for the children that both parents are involved and are able to collaborate with each other. Parents play a significant role in educating children and providing their basic needs. Consequently, a good relationship between the three is necessary. “Furthermore, shared parenting rather than single parenting may increase the likelihood of positive developmental outcomes for children” (Roman 3). In this way a child may have a better life, a stronger personality, and more balance.
Moreover, when you are a child, according to this point of view you are weak and consequently you need both of your parents' love and support. What happens if one parent does not put the same effort into raising a child? It is possible for the child to lose the side, potentially leading to a family breakdown. It is essential that both parents share their duties equally. In order for a child to be a psychologically balanced person it is essential to have a powerful relationship with his/her parents and be in a supportive environment. According to Korkmaz, “Parents should have a good communication with their children and listen to them what they say” (4). It is very important for the children to know that they are being respected, and their thoughts are taken into consideration. The amount of time parents spend with their children plays an important role for everything they are engaged in. “The time children spend with parents is thought to be...

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