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Should Parents Be Licensed? Essay

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In this paper I will argue that licensing parents is not only impractical but irrational. Hugh Laffollette, the author, argues many premises. However, many of his premises are assumptions and in the end are begging the question and not supporting his conclusion that licensing parents would help determine who is fit to become a parent and also that doing so would help children to become better adequate for adult life. Licensing parents would be a system that would be tedious and even hard to establish. So in this paper I will argue this point by explaining that it could be nearly impossible for us to establish a concrete way to determine who should be licensed and who should not.
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An 2010 article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that one-on-one coaching is successful. One program called Parent-child Interaction Therapy has a therapist, coach a mother in appropriate parenting through an earphone while watching the parent and child through an observation mirror. In another program, the Nurse Family Partnership, nurses go into the homes of new mothers to teach them how to care for their children, what kind of behavior to expect and how to respond to the behavior. These studies support loffolette’s stance and also shows us that with adequate education parents can become competent, and in turn avoid harming their child.
The author states that parenting’s potential for harm is so great, “both in the extent of harm any one person can suffer and in the number of people potentially harmed” and with these facts stated he also relays that the need for competences is so evident. Showing that incompetent parents can potentially cause harm , and that harmful things require regulation, concludes that parenting need to have licensing and competences. The only way to avoid this conclusion, loffolette states is to deny the legitimacy of regulation by licensing. He goes on to to say by doing so one would condemn not only regulation of parenting, but also regulations of drives, physicians, druggists, doctors, and lawyers.
The Schemtic is
P1) Driving, Doctors, Physician require regulation
P2) we regulate things that can potentially cause ...

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