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Should Parents Obtain A License To Have Children?

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Should parents obtain a license to have children?

By: Rebecca Rogers

I think this is a tough question to answer because how do you measure whether or not someone is capable of raising a child? I think that in some cases people you wouldn't think would be a good parent turn out to have the best children. Even if a parent tries to raise their child right and thinks they are making all the right decisions, a child still becomes able to make their own decisions at some point in life. Parents are not the only influence a child has in their life. I think that our daycare systems and schools should be monitored closer before we decide to tell someone they are not qualified enough to raise a child. My parents were only 17 and 18 when they had my brother, at that time I'm sure most people didn't think they were capable of raising a child just like most people ...view middle of the document...

Even if you are "qualified" to have a child this doesn't mean you are going to care for your child any more than someone who isn't quite sure how to raise a child. Isn't parenting supposed to be about learning what is best for your own child, because no two children are the same? One thing this license may provide is people will realize how much work having a child actually is. I can personally relate to this, because I have never had to take care of anyone other than myself. I think that in many ways this is something that I would be able to adapt to, but I'm sure that there are many things I wouldn't know to do. I'm not sure that a mandatory license is necessary, but I do think that classes on child care and negligence should be more available.

In relation with Chapter 7 about relationships, this license could show people how to make the most out of their relationship with their child. They would be able to learn better communication skills that would show them how to connect better. If everyone learned better communication skills less things would be misinterpreted. Although, this would make for a better relationship between parent and child that doesn't mean that they would get along better because they will still disagree with the decisions of the other one. I think that although you hear about people abusing their children, you need to also realize that it could be worse. In many cases the people who are caught abusing children aren't bad people and could probably pass this test.

In conclusion, I just don't think any test will be able to tell whether a person is capable of raising a child. No matter how much you study a person you can't know the affects of having a child will do to them. Some people who have kids adapt well to being responsible for another human being, while others may have seemed ready for the responsibility and then realize they don't actually know what to do in most situations.

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