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Should People Adopt Foreign Children With Hiv?

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When contemplating adoption, families begin to ask themselves a great deal of questions. Determining options including gender and age can generate a great impact on your adoption decision. A primary component of the adoption choice is whether you are adopting domestically or internationally. When families look into international adoption multiple risks begin popping into your mind. Will I ruin the child by taking them away from their home country? Is it too expensive to adopt internationally? Is my orphan child HIV positive? If so, is adopting this child actually safe for my family? Though it is said we should help those in need, why should we endanger ourselves bringing them into our home? ...view middle of the document...

With all this exposure not only in the hospital, but around our households it can create what seemed like a simple situation, turn into a life threatening one (U.S. Department of Health). If these children ever ended up using needles for drugs and someone else came in contact with that needed it can also create a dangerous situation. It is also possible for HIV to be transmitted through food that has been pre-chewed by an HIV-infected person or sharing toothbrushes or razors (Women’s health services). With the possibility of your family becoming infected, it is pointless to take the risk. With the risk there tend to be multiple expenses to worry about. It is not always cheap to adopt in the first place, but when you adopt an HIV child, it becomes an extremely expensive process.
With the average United States household income being $52,000 in 2013 having a family is becoming tough as the economy is always jumping around (U.S. Department of Housing). According to CNN Money, the average cost to raise a kid over 18 years is $241,080 (Hicken). With such a high price it can become challenging to just add an extra child onto that. Also with traveling costs being so high to travel to other countries, it can all begin to add up. While adopting a child is still under $300,000, there is also the cost of treating HIV. Before adding the medical bills you are only halfway. The average cost of lifetime HIV treatment in 2009 was approximately $367,134 which is a extremely high, especially for even a middle-class family (Centers for Disease Control). Unless you just won the lottery or you are a millionaire, it is not the best financial idea to begin adopting at this point in your life. Even if you have the money to put towards adopting, but know you do not want the risk, you can always donate money to hospitals in HIV-infested countries to help them. The HIV/AIDS industry in America is a rapidly growing industry. If we just continue to add more HIV-infected children we are not helping clean our country at all.
With HIV being such a hidden topic in America, 1 in 6 people are living with HIV and are unaware of their infection. As...

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