Should People Become Vegetarian El Paso High School/ Dc English Iii Essay

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Should People Become Vegetarian
Lourdes Bustamante
De Alba- ENG 1302 / ENG III
Vegetarians are those who eat animal-free products for various different reasons like religious conviction, animal and environment protection, health, etc. By avoiding all animal products a vegetarian reduces the chances of obtaining diseases or illnesses that are caused by bacteria residing in food like meat, poultry or seafood. This literature review looks over four main points that explain what it’s like to be vegetarian. This informative essay helps clear ideas for those who are curious as to what the pros and cons are for this diet and gives insight to the curious as to what benefits or what drawback cutting meat out provokes. The vegetarian diet is becoming more popular nowadays since many people believe that it helps the body more than any other diet, so it’s a plus to be informed as to why people do it and what matters they should take into account for this diet.
The United States of America is a country that is well known for its meat consumption. Surprising facts show that the average American eats about 167 pounds of meat a year, now that doesn’t even include poultry or seafood and that’s just considering one country out of all the other 196 countries there is (“Going Vegetarian,” n.d.). There are other reasons as to why people choose to abandon all animal by-products of slaughter and start following this plant-based diet, for example; to boost personal health, to promote animal rights against abuse, to protect the environment, and to maintain religious principles, among others.
While vegetables and fruit might not be sufficient protein for the body whereas meat is more than enough, there are long-term diseases that stem from meat consumption that some people aren’t aware of. It is proven that meat consumption is linked to some diseases, including chronic and even foodborne like salmonella. Studies show that most vegetarians live longer and aren’t as exposed to contaminants in food as omnivores since meat contains certain fats that cause problems in the body. The conditions in animal processing factories are abusive most of the time since there are quicker and easier ways of preparing food like a chicken breast of burger patty that involve pain and slow death for the animals. Other places however do treat animals correctly and follow certain protocol that raises the quality of the product without hurting the animal as much.
This literature review will explore the possibilities of someone who is in the process of becoming vegetarian and informs those who are curious about the diet on plenty of information they might not have known beforehand. It will touch on what the human body and mind go through during the transition of diet and all throughout the diet. Being vegetarian may be just a diet for some, but for others it’s a lifestyle. The purpose of this literature review will be to analyze and discuss the following four questions...

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