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Should People On Welfare Be Required To Work?

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More than _____ people across the United States received some form of government funded welfare assistance during ___yr (cit). Government programs include, but are not limited to health services, economic assistance, food assistance, and shelter assistance. The focus and design of welfare assistance programs is with the intent of aiding individuals with their essential needs. Its purpose is not to benefit deceitful individuals seeking handouts. Posed with the question, “Should people on welfare be required to work?” the response from a small group of my closest friends was a unanimous “yes.” Although, this outcome was not shocking, the degree of anger and animosity that the inquiry provokes was very intriguing, as well as the reasons given.
Some people feel that the majority of individuals receiving welfare benefits are simply lazy and do not intend to work to earn money for themselves and their families. While it is true that there are deceptive people amongst us within our society, it would be unfair to punish the honest along with them by enforcing a work requirement. Although it is altogether impossible for them to discover every fraudulent case, the government does have policies and procedures in place to investigate them.
Alternately, there are many reasons why someone might actually not be capable of working. For example, a person caring for their terminally ill spouse or a wheel chair bound individual would be unable to leave their homes on a daily basis. Not only might someone come across the issue of his or her inability to work, but also his or her inability to find work. According to the...

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