Should People Who Receive Government Assistance Undergo Drug Tests?

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Meth, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are among the top drugs that many people use and utilized as money making tactics. As we all know, drugs are found and they are heavily used in low income areas, not only do they pose a significant effect on one’s health but they pose a significant effect on our economy. Generally it is perceived that those who reside in low income areas are the ones who resort to drugs, evidently they are. Likewise, they are also the ones who are utilizing government assistance programs. Some of these programs include; health care, child care, ebt benefits, and even housing assistance programs. So the big question is “Should people who receive government ...view middle of the document...

While it is argued that taking these drug tests will benefit our economy we have to have a specific reason indicating the purpose of the drug testing. In fact Luis Lebron a father, student, and care giver for is mother found himself in a financial rut. So he decided to rely on the government for TANF benefits. Upon him completing the necessary documentation for the program he was required to partake in a drug test. Lebron refused to undergo the drug test because it violated his personal rights, and it treated him as a criminal (Williamson). From feeling that way he filed a suit with the Florida government. The settlement that he received was the privacy for each Florida resident who applies for assistance to be shielded against unreasonable searches.
As a concerned taxpaying citizen it is my right to know how my tax dollars are being spent! Common sense seems to dictate that my money is being spent by the government to take care of welfare recipients. At least twenty percent out of one hundred percent are utilizing drug related substances or misusing the government funds on nonsense. Sulzberg argues that there should be drug testing for all that live in a particular household, but his claim is rebutted by the fourth amendment which protects citizens from unreasonable searches. While this is a part of the United States Constitution there should be something that takes care of the people who are actually in need ,instead of those who do not need the assistance or who are abusing the system. Upon being questioned by the government before screening statistical data showed that Although, many people may come to conclude that this is embarrassing and it violates their personal rights as a citizen we need to know where the money is being...

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