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Should Animals In Danger Of Extinction Be Protected?

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Animals are extremely important in our world and also in humans. We always live in contact with nature, whether with animals or the environment, this makes us very close and leads us to take care of them. But many believe that animals are the invaders, but in fact they don't know that we are the real invaders of Earth. At this time there are 5,200 species in danger of extinction, this figure is very alarming because this says to us that we are giving misuse to Earth. Some humans are destroyers, but also there exist some rebuilders whose mission is to protect and help the earth.
Many animals are at risk because of humans, whether by hunting wastes or fashion. The green turtle is one of the largest and the only herbivore among the different species, its age exceeds 100 years. These turtles are very important to the marine environment since they graze on sea grasses and algae, which maintains the sea grass beds and makes them more productive. “Sea grass beds also function as nurseries for several species of invertebrates and fish, many of which are of considerable value to commercial fisheries and therefore important to human food security.” From this research we can notice the importance that is to have these magnificent animals. But only instead we destroy their habitat and their lives by two main problems that are first is by littering, specifically trash bags. These turtles think are jellyfish (their favorite food), so when they ingest these makes them so much damage that they die. And second its uncontrolled coastal development, vehicle traffic on beaches, and other human activities have directly destroyed sea turtle nesting beaches around the world. These reasons generate a big problem in this species; we cannot continue destroying these animals. They a lot of space to reproduces so they can help our planet.
This other animal is also in life of endangered but for another reason. The giant panda calm and peaceful creature is characterized with a distinctive black and white coat and it’s considered a...

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