Should Physical Education Be Mandatory Every Semester While A Student Completes A College Degree?

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Physical Education classes, also known as P.E., phys. ed., or just “gym” classes, are not something many people enjoy. Some people have pretty horrific memories from Middle School, Junior High and/or High School. So, it might not be something students want to repeat during the college experience. That said, there are more than two sides on whether physical education classes should be made mandatory every semester for college students. One side is that they shouldn’t be made mandatory for any college student, any semester. Corollarily physical education classes should be made mandatory for every college student, every semester. Other sides are; some degrees which have a high amount of physical activity should be the only ones required to have physical education classes mandatorily every semester or that physical education classes should be made mandatory, but not ever semester and not for every degree. This essay will focus mainly on the pros and cons of whether mandatory physical education classes should be required for every student, every semester.
There are many positive aspects to the question. Physical education classes, combined with nutrition classes could have a lifelong effect on the students who take said classes. When combined with dietary information the classes may improve eating choices, help students’ keep the “freshman ten” to a minimum, and keep students from allowing time crunches to have a negative impact on their dietary habits in the rush of a hectic life. Any general physical education classes could help students’ life styles if they stick with the skills and routines taught in the classes. The classes themselves would help the students to learn a new skill or hone a skill they already possess. Mandatory physical education classes also promote self management. Many of the martial arts, such as Aikido and Tae Chi, teach self control and discipline in addition to having a physical impact. Many Phys. Ed. classes increase stamina, flexibility, muscle development and muscle tone; skills and benefits achieved would be specific to the individual class. One specific class which could have life saving possibilities is a self-defense class. Any student who takes such a class keeping up the skills learned from the self-defense class may use them if in danger. That one class could literally save lives. Some types of physical education classes which may be offered are: Yoga, Water Aerobics, Horse Back Riding, Bowling, Golf, Frisbee Golf, Fencing, Weight Training, Weight Lifting, and Gymnastics, Zumba, any form of Dance and many forms of Martial Arts not listed above.
There are many negative aspects which effect the question of whether phys. ed. classes should be mandatory for college students every semester. The main issue facing the question is personal or individual rights. Every student will have their own opinion about this subject as will the college faculty...

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