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Should Physician Assisted Death Be Legalized In The United States

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Radical assumptions have been made on whether or not physician-assisted death should be legalized in the United States because of its citizens’ uncertainty about this delicate subject. Physician-assisted suicide is the method by which an individual is provided with the drugs or equipment needed to commit suicide. The terms “aid in dying” or “death with dignity” are preferred over “suicide” due to their distinction from "suicide," where assisted or not, it remains illegal while “aid in dying” is permitted. This allows for the patient to have control over their life and have the right to be able to choose whether to live a life filled with tedious pain and/or suffering, or end their misery and be able to rest in peace.
While euthanasia is not completely legal in the United States, with some exceptions, the unmistakable truth is still present because even though this form of ending one’s life is not available nationwide, desperate people in search of relief attempt to end their lives themselves. A survey taken in 2005 shows that there were a total of 32,637 suicides in the United States, with over 800,000 suicide attempts that same year. This can depict how providing an accessible alternative can provide those who have a concrete purpose to end their life easily within reach.
Physician-assisted death can be seen as a desirable way to end one’s painful agony, where the person knows that they are inevitably going to die, but they are currently suffering, awaiting eminent death. Studies show that among the patients that have ended their life through this process, the majority of them have been diagnosed with AIDS or other incurable diseases, causing them to lose all hope in life. This portrays the person’s resignation and their end to strive to continue living under such unbearable circumstances.
Physician-assisted suicide helps those who are suffering from a grave condition to be able to die...

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