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Should Products Containing Genetically Modified Crops Be Labeled As So?

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding the use of Genetically Modified crops in today’s foods and products. First we must answer, what exactly is a Genetically Modified crop, or more commonly known as a “GMO”? According to the FDA, the U.S. food and drug administration, a GMO is simply “a plant developed through a process in which a copy of a desired gene from one plant or organism is placed into another plant to achieve a desired trait” ( For years, consumers have been purchasing products containing GMOs without any knowledge of doing so, and recently, GMOs have become a huge topic of conversation. Many questions have been raised regarding Genetically Modified products, but one of the most prominent is should products containing GMOs be labeled as so? The answer is absolutely not.
One of the most common arguments for having foods containing GMOs labeled, is the fact that they are “unsafe,” or harmful to one’s health. But in fact, studies that have been done, and since been proven, showing that “Genetically Modified seeds are completely identical to those occurring naturally” ( Before coming to market, Genetically Modified foods go through an average of 136 million dollars of research, safety studies, and regulatory approvals ( With such strenuous measures taken before GMOs reach the public, and constant reviews done by the FDA after these Genetically Modified foods hit the market, there should be no reason to question their safety. Also, it has been claimed that GMOs are unhealthy, compared to their non-genetically modified counterparts, but it has been shown that, “The nutritional value of GMO foods is tested and compared against non-GMO foods. Numerous studies have shown no nutritional difference between commercially available GMO and non-GMO foods. In fact, genetic modifications can actually improve nutritional content for some foods” (Dr. Lamaux- University of California, Berkeley). With there...

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