Should Prostitution Be Legalized In The United States?

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Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payments between consenting adults. So defined, prostitution is a service industry like any other in which people exchange skills for money or other rewards. Johnson has defined prostitution as “the act of offering oneself for hire to engage in sexual relations” (Johnson 717). In addition, according to Ariza Ahmed, "Prostitution may be the world's oldest profession" (Ariza 1). Prostitution occurs in a variety of forms, two examples are street prostitution where it is more common to see, and also in escort prostitution where the act may take place at the client's residence, hotel room or private clubs. Although, generally the majority of prostitutes usually are female with male clients, but also there are gay male prostitutes, lesbian prostitutes, and heterosexual male prostitutes. One example of this service is sex tourism, which refers to traveling to engage in sexual relations with prostitutes. Since long before human beings were fully human, due to the fact that males have in general wanted more sex than females. And the basic laws of economics will inevitably meet any demand met by someone willing to supply, if the price is right. Also, as chimpanzees trade food for sex, human society ever recorded has a certain fraction of women who, for a fee, will provide sex to men outside of formal relationships such as marriage. In addition, in pre-industrial times between 1750-1850, Miller explains that sex work was one of the few ways a woman could make a good living for herself, and it is estimated that in the nineteenth century about 5.5% of the female population of the typical European or North American city was thus employed (Miller A16). For years later, sex work continued in the shadows; this activity could be purchased at massage salons, or even in night clubs where independent workers looked for likely customers at bars and hotels, and those who provided outstanding service drew referrals by word of mouth just as other businesses do. Prostitution has a lot of important history in most countries of the world, including United States. According to Seidenberg, “the selling and/or buying sex has been alternately illegal, regulated and forbidden, such as; the U.S federal law against prostitution was the Page Act of 1975” (Seidenberg). As well, prostitutes are ever seen for the ability to give good times by providing sexual services for money or gifts. To recap, prostitutes used to be women selling their bodies for money, but today there are men prostitutes selling their bodies too for many reasons. Not only money, but also drugs are a common currency for prostitutes. In addition, this service industry brings bad consequences to society in the United States, such as, economic, health and social issues.
First of all, one of the negative consequences of prostitution is the economic issue involved in this trade. The salaries and payments of prostitutes vary according to the...

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