Should Quebec (Or Other Provinces) Separate From Canada In Order To Be

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Should Quebec (or other provinces) Separate From Canada In Order To Best Protect
Its Constitutional Rights?

In my opinion, all provinces in Canada, including Quebec should not
separate. Quebec has been one of the provinces of Canada for a long period of
time. Most people in the world view that it is one of the component in Canada.
French-Canadian and English-Canadian seem to live together peacefully without
conflict, even many people with different cultures and languages come to Canada
in recent years. I thick Quebec has no reason to become independence from a
multicultural nation.

Some people who agree Quebec to separate state that separation can protect
their French culture and language. I think it is an unacceptable reason in a
multicultural nation. Multicultualism is a special identity of Canada. It
allows people to maintain their own culture. If Canada does not have
multiculturalism, there will be no Chinatown in most big cities in Canada. So it
is not necessary to separate in order to protect French culture and language.
Furthermore if French-Canadian wants to avoid any influence from other culture,
France is the greatest place for them.

Moreover, the Canada government will lose money if Quebec separates by
dealing with the separation affairs, like to help people in Quebec back to
Canada who do not want to separate. Separation also leads to the decreasing of
trade in Canada, and even the whole world. Quebec is a big trade market in
Canada. People will lose this big market if Quebec is no longer a province of
Canada. This will not only harmful to Canada, but also the separated Quebec.

Quebec separation is also a morality problem. In fact, it is...

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