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Should Rats Be Used In Medical Testing

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Are Rats Important in Medical Testing Outline

Almost all disease-linked human genes have an equal counterpart in the makeup of the rat (AnimalResearch). This allows the rat to be used in a number of studies including anything from toxicology to genetics (Rats!). The reason for the success in the rats use in these fields is the equal gene makeup and how they behave to outside sources such as stress and toxins currently in the body (Rats!). This makes independent variables less of a problem because the rat will react to them the same way a human would. The rat is an ideal choice in medical research because of its ideal genetic makeup for testing cures to various diseases. The rat is a ...view middle of the document...

The rat’s physical and mental qualities have aided in studies of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, various cardiovascular diseases, and multiple sclerosis (The Conversation). Recent transgenic strains of rats have been developed which have allowed for more powerful models of human diseases to be developed (AnimalResearch). Research on rats is growing rapidly every day thanks to transgenic experimentation and cloning of proficient strains of rats.

Rats are one of the most ideal animal models to use in an experiment not only because of the rat’s genetic makeup, but also because of the rat’s physical and mental qualities. Rats tend to be docile and even more so after repeated handling, which makes experimentation much easier (LSSU). The rat’s calm state of mind and natural intelligence make it a great choice for behavior and learning studies (LSSU). When doing experimentation for cardiovascular disease the rats large size is very useful because blood samples and blood pressure measurements are more easily obtained (eMice). The rat’s biological makeup along with the rat’s almost identical genetic makeup to a human make the rat an excellent test subject.

The rat is a vital and necessary part to advancing human knowledge in the medical field. Without the rat humans would not have the information they do today on diseases such...

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