Should Religion Be A Private Affair? Religious Studies Essay

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Although religion has a significantly large impact upon society, we are becoming increasingly
secular. Our society has developed into a very much liberal, nondiscriminatory one, for example
atheism, which was once seen as satanic and immoral, is now a flourishing, contemporary idea.
According to a recent study, 44.7 percent of the UK does not identify themselves as part of any
religion, making it the most common response. However, many citizens do continue to follow
beliefs, which occasionally causes conflict and distress; one simplistic solution would be that
religion is kept as a private affair.
One argument, is that there should be an outlined difference between professional and private life,
and how religion plays a role in each. Religion should not impinge professional decisions,
especially in a political or medical sector of work. As medicine continues to be an innovative chain
of work, in which aspects are negatively played down by some believers, this should not affect non
believers i.e it should not be made illegal, even if the majority of non believers disapprove; the
same goes the other way: 'brights' should respect that it will not be the preferred method for all, in
the sense that they do not force, nor encourage this method of treatment. In a political aspect,
religion should be pushed aside, as a government's decision will affect all. For example, the
approval of gay marriage, would have required many to set aside there beliefs, for the benefit of
Furthermore, types religious dress be prohibited in places where high levels of security are required,
specifically airports. The burka, an islamic traditional requirement, has the ability to disguise
someones identity, and in limited cases, even gender. Thus, it seems legitimate to ben religious
dress, such as the burka, in areas of high security. Another crucial situation where religious dress
should be banged, is in a court room. Facial covering could assist in lying, or faking emotions as
more then 80% of our language is accounted for as body or facial language. In schools, religious
dress and symbols...

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