Should Richer Countries Help Poorer Countries?

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Because of globalization, no country is completely independent. The actions of each country have rippling effects on others, thus there is a grave need to bring poorer countries out of poverty. Moreover, there is the altruistic, humane view of sympathy and empathy, whereby, we as global citizens ought to help those less fortunate than ourselves. The need to help is evident, however, we need to consider the level of assistance that more affluent nations should be giving to their poorer counterparts. Richer nations should offer help, such that poorer nations can make use of it to achieve economic and political independence, to carve out a better future for themselves. Help should be rendered for development and not consumption.Rich countries can assist poorer ones in forming sound economic and governmental policies but not to the extent of controlling their governments or imposing beliefs on them. A major factor in determining a country's success is its government's competency in meeting the needs of the people. Hence, one way to draw poorer countries out of the cycle of poverty is to aid them in formulating policies that allow the people to be self-sufficient. This can be done through sending experts in fields such as developmental economics. However, rich countries have to limit their spheres of influence on the governing of the poorer nations. They should merely offer proposals on mapping out policies, but should not impose their ideology or force poorer nations to implement their policies. Rich countries have to understand that each country is unique in its needs and aspirations, thus political systems and economic policies that have enabled their affluence may not be suited to the countries they are trying to help. For example, since the past century, USA has deployed its military to impose democratic rule in foreign lands on 18 occasions. However, of all the regimes the US has replaced with force, democratic rule has been sustained in only five places. Hence, it is evident that although richer countries should help poorer countries with their formulation of policies, they should only help to the extent of offering suggestions, not imposing their beliefs, which may not be suited to the receiving nation.There are also limitations to how richer countries can help poorer countries in terms of financial aid. Richer countries should help poorer countries financially only if there is a viable plan for how the money is to be used and if there is close monitoring of what the money is being used for. Money should not be loaned or given blindly as this may result in poorer nations using the money for military purposes. This would exarcebate the problem of armed conflict and put a strain on the people's already impoverished lives. For example, much of foreign investment into Myanmar has been fuelled into developing their military, which is now the largest military per capita in the world. Money channeled into these developing nations have to be closely...

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