Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized In All States?

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Have you ever imagined how a person feels when he/she is told that they cannot spend the rest of their life with the person they love? One is completely in love and they want to get married because, the law does not allow them. One is denied the legal rights that come along with marriage because he/she is in love with a person of the same sex. Unfortunately, these are some of the challenges that lesbian and gay partners get in many nations. And the sad thing about this is that, most of the arguments offered to keep same sex marriages are flawed and reactionary, and based on nothing other than ignorance, fear, prejudice and bigotry. Same sex marriage is a marriage between people of the same sex. Same sex marriages are currently illegal in the US except for a few states. The illegalization of same sex marriages is wrong because, it is a prominent form of prejudice. Same sex couples are not only denied their civil rights, but also their legal and economic benefits. No state should prohibit a person to show their love to another person because of gender because; it does not uphold the fundamental principles of the constitution.
In the United States, over 17 states have legalized same sex marriage. In addition, around 16 countries have been able to legalize gay marriages too. This was an incredible breakthrough since same sex marriages had increased over the years. Individuals have the right to marry and get married to their preferred partners. However, there is still an opposition on gay marriages from many groups around the globe today. The groups feel that same sex marriages should be illegal and that; they are against the law and violate the marriage institution. In addition, they argue that, gay marriages are against the biblical and religious meanings of marriage. Nonetheless, same sex couples should be allowed to marry anywhere in the United States so that they can enjoy the privileges and rights other married people enjoy. Additionally, gay marriages should be legalized because, every person has the right to get married to the people they love, and therefore, they should be given the freedom to choose who they want to get married to without any prejudice.
First, opponents against same sex marriages often use the argument that, same sex couples are unfit parents and cannot be able to have children, and therefore, they should not be allowed to marry. I disagree with this statement because, if the main reason for marriages is to produce children, then, why are barren couples allowed to get married? In addition, the opponents argue that same sex couples are unfit parents, yet there s n credible evidence or study that has been done to prove this true. According to Burns, children who are raised by same sex couples shows that, they just develop normally just like the other children who are raised by heterosexual parents (86). Moreover, as much as there has been much debate on the effects on children raised by same sex couples, it should be known...

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