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Should Student Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Every year, it seems that we're hearing more and more about NCAA athletes being punished for intentionally making a profit from their athletic careers. The NCAA and colleges are doing their best to stand by the principles on which the NCAA was founded. Since the National Collegiate Athletic Association, more commonly known as the NCAA, was founded as a non-profit organization in 1906(....), much has changed, but one thing that has not changed is the Association's goal, that goal being to protect players from being exploited and ensure their right to fair treatment.(....) In order for the NCAA to uphold their guidelines, universities cannot not pay their athletes. The NCAA and college athletic programs already provide the necessities for their athletes, so, paying athletes would also be financially impossible for all colleges. Athletes, coaches, fans, and members of the NCAA have suggested different methods of compensation for athletes, but all have been too flawed to implement. To make it possible for the NCAA to pay athletes, the Association would have to undergo some very drastic changes, changes that would restructure the entire organization into something unlike what it is today.

Stories about athletes who have scholarships but can't afford things like a winter-coat or a plane-ride home have been spread by media and have misled the public into thinking that, even with a scholarship, athletes are not completely, fairly and properly compensated. Being a college athlete in any division or sport takes dedication and hard work, but, lately, it seems that many athletes are forgetting that college was designed to earn a degree. An athlete's scholarship is his or her compensation for contribution to a school's athletic program. For helping athletes beyond their scholarships, the NCAA introduced the first version of the Student Assistance Fund in 1999 as a way to benefit student athletes directly.(....) In the 2010-2011 academic year alone, the Student Assistance Fund helped over 81,000 athletes by giving student athletes almost 53 million dollars for things such as trips home, insurance, school supplies, tutoring, clothes, or helping an athlete to recover from a natural disaster.(....) In April of 2011, the city of Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama, was “blind-sided” by Mother Nature when a tornado with wind-speeds that exceeded 200 miles per hour touched down.(....) Immediately following the natural disaster, the NCAA used money gathered by the Student Assistance Fund to help with a speedy recovery for those athletes who had been affected by the brutal string of tornadoes, some of whom had lost everything that they owned. The funds distributed to the effected athletes were used to buy new wardrobes, replace personal items one football player even got a new a championship after his ring was lost in the storm.
The members of the NCAA and the rest of the college-sports community are all aware that there are some players who bring more...

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