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Should school be year round? Well, I say yes because our young people will get done with High School faster. And if school was year round, students will not have a chance to get in a lot of trouble and they will not be able to join a gang or have time to hang on a block because they will not have a long summer break. Somebody needs to bring this problem to the school board to see if they will make the change to save many students’ lives by keeping them off the streets and keeping them in school all year long. If the children were in school longer, they will most likely turn out better, but it’s up to the people of communities to push kids through school. I believe parents need to stand up for their kids’ rights to help them have a better future by helping to make school last all year.
To help students want to go to school all year long, they can get involved in different activities they enjoy. For example, if a student likes to play sports, then the school ...view middle of the document...

Without it, you will be a starving artist on the street with no life. Without education, you will not lead a successful life. Without a successful life, you will not achieve any GOOD dreams ("Should there be year-round school?").” I agree with her, people really need to look into making school year all round, because life without your education will most likely cause you to be nobody in your community. Also, there are two things you will get out of having no education, jail or death. So school should be all year to help keep kids off the streets and in the classroom so that they can become somebody one day.
Even though I feel that school should be all year, there are some people think differently. In fact, one student joined the debate and said,” Kids need freedom. Summer is that freedom, and I know this because I'm a 5th grader. Everybody I know counts on summer as a reliever, and I do too. We need to let kids live their lives to the fullest and run around while they still can ("Should there be year-round school?").” I strongly disagree with letting students have summer breaks because they will have too much time on their hands, and that’s when they start to get in trouble.
In conclusion, school should be all year round to help children focus more on their studies more than the streets. Although I agree that kids should be kids and have fun, if parents just let their children do whatever they want to do, they will most likely get off track and get in trouble. People of communities should keep students on track, tell them how education can help them in life, and tell them that with no education they can’t get far in life. If school was year round, there will be a lot of people off the streets, a lot of people alive, and a lot of educated people in communities. In addition, there would be a large number of less stressed parents because they will know that their child is at school learning, not somewhere getting in trouble. So I feel as though school should be all year because the communities of America will have more educated people than people doing crimes and in jail.

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