Should School Buses Have Seatbelts? Essay

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In the site,, it states that normal school buses are so far the safest vehicles. Every year there are about seven to eight accidents pertaining to buses, which is one hundred times, less than the number of students that get in accidents using other ways of getting to school. Even though most school buses don't have seatbelts, it doesn't mean that there won't be any in the near future. School buses should not have seatbelts. There are many ways that they could be dangerous, not helpful, etc…There have been many arguments ...view middle of the document..., which means that the seatbelts may not be necessarily the cause to accidents. In fact, there have been reports that students have died because of seatbelts. This is because some of them use them as weapons. Example= They use them as whips, and the metallic latches have proven to be very dangerous to make cuts, puncture eyes or any other kinds of damage that can be done, they use them as strangle devices, putting them around the necks of other children, some will even use them to break bus windows, and lastly it is almost impossible to make the students use the belts. (, many of the district school would say it is "much too expensive." Since the bus drivers are expected to enforce the rule of having the seatbelts, when they check, many students may take them off after the bus driver sits down. Moreover, the driver would have to clean up after the children if it is loose, or dirty. However there is a need for seat belts on smaller special education buses. Those are an entirely separate matter because of fewer riders with special needs. However seat belts should not belong on the bigger buses.In conclusion, the seatbelts should not be allowed on the school buses. Without seatbelts, a few accidents could occur, but they can also allow mishaps to happen.

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