Should School Days And School Years Be Shorter?

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When people are asked about if school days or years should be longer or shorter, it will be a split between the two. Kids are more likely to say yes to shorter school to spend more time with friends, family, and time to get a better at a certain skill, while parents say their kids should be in school longer to establish their knowledge. Everyone’s focus is pushed towards making school days and school years longer, but why longer school years and days could be bad are never analyzed, such as the budget of a school. School years should be shorter to accommodate us because the budget is not big enough, the time is wasted and we don’t become substantially smarter because of it.
The first point of our complicated subject is that school can occasionally not have suitable funds to take on the long year, and with the deepening budget, it is hard to do so. One California school had to diminish over twenty school days to accommodate the budget changes. It can be difficult to save and have a large pool of money to run a school. Without substantial funding, it can get shortened drastically. If school years were to abide shorter, there wouldn’t be such a colorful arrangement of these problems because the schools would reward less money to teachers over the year and other school-endorsed events could be cleared completely.
Another reason we deserve shorter school days and years is that in some schools, most of the time they spend in the last couple weeks of school and one week before Christmas break starts does not increase our knowledge substantially enough to even be in school those last weeks. Mississippi is a great example because it has these kinds of schools and it turns to be a problem there (Lawmaker, 1). “There is no statistical data that shows any improvement when we went from 170 to 175 to 180 that there is any increase in test scores or grades,” a lawmaker from Mississippi spoke (Lawmaker, 1). Near the end of the Mississippi school year, they will have tests a month before the end of school, and after them, students...

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