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Should School Uniforms Be Compulsory? Essay

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A widespread idea around the world, but especially in Sweden, is that school uniforms prevent creativity, but what kind of creativity do school uniforms prevent? Surely it will prevent bullies in finding their victims due to their clothing. Also, it will prevent the issue of social class distinction. That, in my opinion, is not a bad thing. A study made by NAESP where 517 principals participated revealed there are many areas in school which benefits from making school uniforms compulsory. Peer pressure and bullying being scattered down by 86% and 64% respectively were not the remarkable finding in the study, although they are some of the main points with school uniforms. The remarkable findings was that the student school pride, the students’ safety, the students’ attendance and students’ achievement were all positive impacted by the introduction of school uniforms. The executive director of NAESP, Gail ...view middle of the document...

The study also concluded that the students focus easier on the studies because the distraction of clothing “correct” disappeared which lead to higher achievement rate. In schools without uniforms there are unofficial dress codes made by the students. These kind of dress codes makes student fall into groups divided by clothing and that is a first step to lose school pride, safety, attendance and student achievement. In Sweden almost none of the schools have uniforms and in the last PISA report it shows that the top achievement country’s use school uniforms. School uniforms should be compulsory in Sweden so we can rise up to a top position in the PISA report once again. Many parents, myself included, have felt the stress in the morning when the kids are preparing their clothing . School uniforms would save time and relieve some of the stress every morning because then the kids would know what to wear. School uniforms would even save money because the wardrobe would not need to be rebuilt to match the latest fashion. Even more time and money will be saved at the start of each semester, when we who doesn’t have school uniforms go out shopping for the “correct” outfits, the parents of school uniformed based schools only need to order the correct size. Arguments with kids about clothing being too revealing or offensive will also be long gone with school uniforms, the teachers and administrators would not need to argue over what is appropriate or not and all focus could be set on education instead. I have not found any evidence of school uniforms making students perform worse in any subject, not even in the creative subjects as music or art. With this in mind, it is clear that we need to make school uniforms compulsory. It is better for all the involved, from the parents to the teachers and even for the students themselves. A hypothesis from my side, as to why we do not have school uniforms in Sweden is that the lobbyists from clothing manufacturers such as HM do not want school uniforms and they put pressure on the government to not even lift the question. Nevertheless I hope that the government will soon put the students above the rich manufacturers and make school uniforms compulsory.

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