Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory? Essay

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Many debates form over the opinion of whether schools should require students to wear uniforms. Some schools go through the same argument annually of whether to enforce school uniforms the following school year. A number of people argue that uniforms take away from the students’ individuality, while other people concur that uniforms generate unity within the school. Even though many people disagree with school uniforms, countless reasons are evident that uniforms should be mandatory.
School uniforms provide schools with many positive results. Uniforms help improve school greatly by insuring safety within the schools and decreasing violence within the students at school. Research states many ways uniforms improve schools, such as allowing staff to identify nonstudents quickly, preventing gang-related attire, and decreasing violence between students (Daugherty 2).
One way in which uniforms helps improve schools is by increasing the safety of students. Uniforms help the staff identify the people who do not belong in the schools. These people could be harmful to the students and staff and could easily be chosen out of a crowd of students if all students were wearing uniforms (Wilde 1). Most intruders wear black or dark colors, so school officials can easily detect the harmful individuals because all the students would be wearing the same color, generally the school’s colors (Wilkins 5). Another way uniforms improve schools is by decreasing the ability of students to wear gang-related attire. Students who are required to wear school colors could not participate in gangs at school because they could not wear their gangs’ colors or symbols (Bowen 1). Schools could also forbid certain accessories related with gangs such as bandannas (Wilkins 3). Also, uniforms improve the schools significantly because they decrease violence within the schools.
To gain firsthand experience and knowledge, Traner’s principal visited a successful mandatory school uniform program in Long Beach, California, which reportedly had achieved a 70% reduction in students discipline incidents. Officials at Traner then gained support of 90% of the parents and immediately started seeing improvements in the students’ behavior (Daugherty 3).
Uniforms reduce bullying over clothes and take away violent or vulgar language on shirts such as the advertisement of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs (Kizis 2).
Another positive result of school uniforms other than improvement of schools is the social benefits for students. Uniforms provide many benefits for the students such as the promotion of a sense of unity, the decrease of differences between the poor and the rich, and the reduction in clothes related conflicts (Daugherty 2).
One social benefit school uniforms are responsible for is providing the students with a sense of unity. When everyone dresses the same, students feel like they belong. School uniforms give students a sense of being equal to each other despite their race,...

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