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Should Schools Be Allowed To Limit Students’ Online Speech?

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Grabber: Do we still have the freedom speech or has the internet changed the meaning of free speech?

Background information (Briefly explain why this has become a big issue.):
Schools have become more interested in limiting students rights because cyber bullying is becoming a huge problem these days .School officials and administrators are responsible to protect their student body and maintain a safe environment. They want to make sure their students are safe and happy at school and off -grounds.They want to limit online speech so they can protect students and teachers who get cyber bullied online.

Restate the question, using other words for “limit” and “online speech”:

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This profile did not disturb the learning process in any way or presented a clear danger to anyone ,so the U.S. Court of Appeals said that the school district was not right to suspend J.S because they violated her right of free speech .
Argument (Explain why this evidence supports your first reason.):
This case provides strong evidence on how schools cannot limit students' online speech just because they think whatever was said was wrong. Students have the right to express their own opinion without being punished for it .
Baby Thesis (Repeat your second reason, but try not to use the exact same words
Another reason why schools shouldn't limit students' online speech is that restricting what students can say online won't stop bullying.
Evidence supporting this reason (Describe what’s in one of the documents.):
In the American Civil Liberties Union statement described in Document F, Laura W. Murphy and Michael W. Macleod-bell write that bullying has been a problem in America long before the internet. The only difference is that now teenagers bully online instead through someone else , face to face or by phones.

Argument (Explain why this evidence supports your second reason.):
This ACLU statement describes how restricting online speech is not the correct thing to do because it won't stop bullying.They clearly state that bullying has been around a long time before the internet. Only now is that teenagers take an advantage of the internet to bully .This document is also saying that bullying has been happening and will continue to with or without limiting online speech for students .

Baby Thesis (Repeat your third reason, but try not to use the exact...

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