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Should Schools Have Stores That Sell Junk Food?

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Most schools have vending machines that sell various kinds of candy and chips. Some schools go as far as having school stores. However, organizations such as the FDA think this is unhealthy for students, and should be banned. Schools should be allowed to have vending machines and school stores. Having vending machines and school stores are the easiest ways for schools to get students to buy things every day. Without these, many schools would not be able to afford to continue numerous school functions. Vending machines and school stores allow students more options for what to eat for lunch. Schools should be allowed to have vending machines and school stores.
To begin with, vending machines and school stores attract students more than other school fundraisers. Students tend to be more likely to spend five dollars buying food than to buy tickets to the dance. Every school day, at least twenty students buy something from vending machines and school stores. At Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, there is a store called Feldmart. This store sells various types of inexpensive junk food. This store gets at least two hundred dollars per day. Other fundraisers for schools are things like buying a ticket to the dance, buying something for a drawing, or donating money so a class can get the most money and win something. None of these things beat the self-satisfaction of getting an inexpensive treat. These other fundraisers aren’t as easy and as inexpensive to run as a vending machine or a school store is. Vending machines and schools stores are the most successful fundraisers for schools, and shouldn’t be banned.
Furthermore, many schools depend on vending machines and school stores to support programs for the school. Some educational programs would not be able to run without the aid of vending machines and school stores. Most public middle schools can barely afford to go on any field trips, even with these vending machines and schools stores. Imagine how little students would go outside the box without these fundraisers. To have a whole education, a student must see a lot of the outside world. At Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, without Feldmart, the Washington DC trip would be unaffordable and barely anyone would go. To lose that kind of educational experience could be fatal to the success of a student. Why should a school district take away an effective fundraiser...

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