Should Schools Provide Women With Equal Funding For Their Sport Programs?

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Equal Funding for Girls and Boys?Equal funding for women's sports programs. Now what exactly does that mean? It means that any women's sports program should receive the same amount of funding that the male's sports program receives, and it does not matter what the sport is. If the men's baseball team receives a certain amount of money, then the women's softball team should receive the same exact amount. And it does not matter where the money came from. Equal funding for women's sports programs is a big issue that has many people for and against it, but in my opinion, I feel that women should receive equal funding for their sports programs.In order to come to my decision, there were a few things that I had to consider. First, I had to identify the issue. Secondly, I needed to analyze both sides of the argument and determine which side is ethical. And lastly I had to identify the sources of information and decide if I agree with them or not.The issue is: Should schools be required to provide equal funding for women's sports programs. There are many arguments that support equal funding for women's sports. The major argument is equity. If men and women put in equal amounts of time and effort in the sport they are playing, then they should both receive money for scholarships, their budget, equipment, etc. Additionally, many people feel that the agethat we live in now is supposed to be equal, so what makes men's athletics so special that they receive more funding than women's? Another reason is that funding for women's sports is an enormous problem and exists everywhere in the arena of sports. Men and women are treated differently in sports ranging from the number of scholarships given, to the size of their budgets. Male athletes, as a whole, receive twice the number of scholarships that women athletes receive. In our colleges and universities, women collect $133 million per year less in athletic scholarship dollars than male athletes. In addition, women's recruiting budgets are only 32% of the total recruiting budget. On average, men's athletic budgets are nearly five times that of women's (Pinney). In the majority of high school athletic programs, girls' programs are still struggling for equity in equipment provided, facilities, scheduling of games and practice times, and number of opportunities to participate (Almond). Some specific examples of this can be seen at the well-known college of UCLA. The California National Organization for Women (NOW) filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights highlighting the discrepancy between funding for women's and men's sports at UCLA. As you can see from the data above, this is a huge problem affecting women all over the nation. Furthermore, Title IX law states that both male and female athletics need to be equal. So spending more money on men's athletics than women's is illegal.On the other hand, there are also reasons why people feel that women should not receive equal funding. One reason is because of...

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