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Should Smart Phones Be Used In Schools?

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Smart phones are a common technology used by most students, therefore many schools have banned the use of smart phones. Instead of banning smart phones, these can be used for good purposes using them for educational purposes allowing students to use the web to search for information and apps. Because smart phones are used by most students the education system has set up a program called “Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D.).” This allows students to use their own devices at school. Also when emergencies occur smart phones can be used to call for help immediately. But as with anything smart phones can lead to a distraction influencing students through games and social networks.
As smart phones are ubiquitous on most students, these smart phones can be used for educational purposes, helping students to use resources on the web and information from apps. Smart phones can be used to do quick background research during class activities students, this helps their understanding of the topic. This also allows students to actively contribute in classroom discussions. Relevant apps on the topic can be used to explain and help the students for a full understanding. Useful sources can be easily shared between other students and teachers through text messaging or email on these smart phones.
Schools have introduced “Bring Your Own Device” saving the education system a vast amount of funds. As governments use money in other areas rather than improving education for students, the education system is short on money. Therefore many schools have used the B.Y.O.D. to allow students to use the device to help with their learning. B.Y.O.D. has been introduced to many schools including Brisbane State High School for grades 8 and 9 in 2014. This allows students to view textbooks and apps on these easy to use devices allowing students to easily learn through the use of...

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