Should Smoking Be Permitted In Certain Places?

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Should Smoking be Permitted in Certain Places?Millions of Americans smoke or at one time have smoked. What effect is their smoke on non-smokers and the environment around them? Yes, no one is stopping them from smoking but that is not the issue. The question is ,however, should smokers be allowed to smoke in places such as restaurants, bars, banks, universities, airports, or large sporting areas and other public places around non-smokers.In the past, smokers were accustomed to smoking any where they wanted to but over the last thirty years this freedom has become under close scrutiny. Fifty U.S. cities and over one thousand towns now ban smoking in restaurants and bars (Phillip 13). The problem is with second hand smoke. "Mr. Hagen cites a number of studies that", he says, 'prove beyond a shadow of doubt that tobacco smoke significantly increase the risk of lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases in non smokers'" (Phillip 13). Smokers should be allowed to smoke outdoors under certain circumstances but in in-closed spaces there should be designated areas for smokers. At places such as football stadiums, parks, campuses or anything of that nature, smoking should be allowed. But this in itself creates another problem. More than half of people that are smoking outdoors just toss their cigarette butts in the nearest bush or patch of grass and walk away as if they haven't done anything wrong. This becomes a burden with keeping our campus clean.Smoking Indoors is a whole different ball game. One of the biggest nuisances for some people is the aroma of cigarette smoke. It can be very aggravating when you are in a public restaurant and the whole room is filled with smoke. This can ruin people's appetites and also cause a health problem for people with asthma or other such lung diseases. Twenty years ago non-smokers would have to deal with the smoke or leave the restaurant sick, although recently laws have been mandated to prevent this from ever happening again. Non-smokers should be allowed to eat in restaurants and have work places free of smoke (Califano 65). You could eliminate smoking from indoors completely but then smokers would complain about their rights. Civil Liberties Un-ion president George Blochert says, "It's a true clash of individual rights. The 30% of people who smoke have rights like anyone else, but if tobacco smoke is an irritant to people that share the space, there's a real problem. There should be a compromise where people can smoke in ventilated areas hopefully without bothering non-smokers" (Philip 13). Not only is second hand smoke unappealing, but...

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