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Should Smoking Be Banned? By Asif

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IntroductionWhat is a cigarette? It is a small roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking, enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper. A cigarette contains tar; this is the harmful substance that caused 4.84 million people to die from smoking worldwide out of which 2.41 million are in developing countries like Bangladesh. Smoking is called the brown plague and not only does it harm the smoker, but also the environment and the people around us. Nearly 26% of men and 21% of women worldwide are smokers. More than 35% of adult smokers had become chain smokers before 18, and 64% of high school students have tried smoking at least once.Tar and NicotineThe two main ingredients of a cigarette that affects our health are tar and nicotine. Tar is a dark, oily, viscous material, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, produced by the destructive distillation of organic substances such as wood, coal, or peat. Smokeless tobacco also has harmful effects. Chewing tobacco can cause damage to gum tissue and even loss of teeth. It also reduces a person's ability to taste and smell. Most importantly, smokeless tobacco contains cancer causing-chemicals. Nicotine is a colorless, poisonous alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant and used as an insecticide. This is the substance in cigarettes that make it addictive. The nicotine in the body causes a rapid release of adrenaline that causes rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure and rapid, shallow breathing. The nicotine reaches the brain within 8 seconds. Nicotine may also increase your basal metabolic rate, which means that you burn more calories sitting around. Still why do people smoke? Mainly because the nicotine acts in the brain where it can stimulate feelings of pleasure. Apart from tar, smoke also contains Cyanide, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Methanol (wood alcohol), Amonia, and Acetylene (the fuel used in welding torches).The different parts of a cigaretteThis is the picture of a cigarette striped down. Tobacco is leaves of a plant called Nicotiana tabacum, the leaves have been dried and processed to be used cigarettes, cigars and pipes.Filters are supposed to decrease the harmful effects of smoking. The filters have tiny fibers that trap some of the residue from the smoke before the smoker inhales it.The cigarette paper influences how quickly the cigarette burns.A cigarette can be ventilated to reduce the effects of smoke, which reduces the delivery of tar.Cigarette smoke can be described as one of the world's most complex mixtures. Approximately 4,000 constituents burn when tobacco burns.Passive SmokingPassive smoking is when you inhale the smoke exhaled from a smoker's lungs. Second-hand smoke poses a threat to health and should be banned in public places. Inhaling second-hand smoke means being exposed to at least 50 agents that can cause cancer, and adversely affect blood pressure, lung health and kidney function. For children secondhand smoking increases the chances of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. Most teen smokers...

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