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Should Smoking Be Banned From Public Places? What Are The Effects Of Smoking? Do We Have The Right To Ban Smoking In Public Places, Taking Into Consideration The Morals And Ethics

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Public places are bars, restaurants, discos, toilets, sporting stadiums, cinemas, work, street, shops schools and transports. In some countries, smoking is already banned and in a few of these public places such as schools, cinemas and public transports.The groups of people who smoke are now changing. Over 55% of all smokers are aged between 12 and 24, while in the 1960's; only 15% of the total smokers were aged between 12 and 24. About 46% of all males in the general world population smoke while less than 30% of women do. However, trends in tobacco consumption show that the percentage of women is increasing, while the percentage of males is decreasing. Currently, one of the ethnic groups ...view middle of the document...

Stress causes a lot of people to start smoking, especially older people. After a person starts smoking regularly, he is very likely to smoke for the rest of his life due to the addictive substances in cigarettes. Nicotine is proven to be more addictive than Heroin, possibly the most addictive drug. Nicotine also makes smokers feel depressed when they stay too long without smoking.Smoking has several bad effects. A single cigarette has over 2,000 harmful chemicals. It has a very obvious link to lung cancer. Over 90% of all lung cancer and 60% of all types of cancer is caused by smoking. The tar in cigarettes can block the bronchioles provoking asthma and other respiratory related diseases. Upon 25 years of smoking, your body could've received over 10 litres of tar. Other ruthless chemicals inside cigarettes include formaldehyde (preservative), carcinogen (cancer causer) carbon monoxide (car exhaust) and nicotine (used in insecticide). The Carbon Monoxide that is inhaled can cause several toxic effects on our bodies. First, it impairs the oxygen transportation in our blood. This impairs muscular performance and may even affect our vision at high altitudes. Therefore smokers are slower, reach exhaustion earlier and reach lower goals in terms of fitness. Gangrene is the death of tissue in the body due to lack of blood supply to the area. Smoking causes Gangrene because it forces the blood vessels to contract and it obstructs the blood circulation. 70% of all leg amputations are because of gangrene. Smoking can cause such horrific diseases that it makes people sometimes wonder if a life where you can't even put your clothes to wash without a tank of oxygen beside you and running out of breath is worth living. Passive or second-hand smoking is when someone else involuntarily inhales the fumes of someone else's' tobacco smoke. It also has a variety of bad effects, for we inhale it directly, without a filter. A filter is a small circular net around the butt of the cigarette that prevents some chemicals of the cigarette to be inhaled. Passive smoking increases the probability of obtaining lung or heart diseases by 25% and there have been several cases of deaths due to passive smoking. Smoking can also affect our aesthetics by rotting our teeth and causing premature ageing and wrinkles Smoking also pollutes. Sunny beaches can be filled cigarette butts, creating an unpleasant environment for others. It also creates an unpleasant environment while non-smokers are eating or out in public...

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