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Should Smoking Be Legal Essay

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There are debates around the world between people and government if smoking should be legalized. There are private organizations that protest against the government about how smoking can kill people and how dangerous it is as it could harm the young generation. Today, there are thousands young of teenager who smoke illegally. This could cause the future generation of teenager in danger by the bad influence of smoking.
The cause why the number of smoker is increasing every year is because they are either influence by their friends or to show their cool image. In certain countries, cigarette companies promote their brand by showing that smoking is cool. The images that is used for advertising actually target the youth. The reason why smoking is targeted to the youth is because youths are easily brainwashed by images. The images show a guy holding cigarette and posing cooly. This images make the youths thought that smoking is actually cool, making them interest of smoking. Other than advertisements, there are friends who actually keep shoving cigarettes to their friends mouth forcing them to smoke. This cause them to be addicted to smoking since there are effects of smoking that the smokers love feeling it.
Other causes than influenced by friends is the ingredients inside the cigarette. A cigarette contains nicotine, which is the most harmful substance contained in cigarettes. Nicotine make the smoker addicted to it since it reduces tension in our mind since it and making us calm when the smoker is anxious or nervous.
The effect of smoking is really dangerous since it could harm the people around them. People who are passive smoker could be easily infected by diseases or sickness such as disability, asthma or death. The health risk for passive smoker is higher than active smoker since the smoke that is...

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